North Cyprus is often referred to as the pearl of the Mediterranean by standing out with its historical and cultural heritage, unspoiled beaches, fascinating flora and fauna, delicious local cuisine, and much more to say.

The crossroads of civilizations and ancient kingdoms, where every stone has a story to tell from Roman reigns to French Lusignan lords, from the Venetian traders to the Ottoman regimen – North Cyprus will indulge you in the impressive historical heritage.

Did you know that William Shakespeare was inspired by the fortified port when he was writing his tragedy “Othello”?

Or did you know that St. Hilarion became an inspiration for the castle model to Walt Disney for “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”?

Things to do in North Cyprus!

  • Discover historical masterpieces in Trikomo, Famagusta, Kyrenia & Nicosia
  • Take hiking tours to the fascinating ancient castles, such as St. Hilarion, Bufavento & Kantara
  • Visit the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches – a natural wonder Karpas
  • Taste the most delicious Mediterranean Cuisine
  • Safari Tours around the island
  • Discover the fraternity of blue, green & orange 
  • Vineyard & wine tasting tours
  • Join cultural events & festivals 
  • A unique flora & fauna
  • Take the plunge – try out a wide variety of water sports

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