A natural wonder – Karpas Peninsula, well known for its amazing unspoiled golden beaches, prominent geographical features, historical heritage, flora, and fauna is a must-see during your visit to North Cyprus. Located on the northeast, Karpas region covers a significant part of the island by allowing the explorers to see the very last edge of Cyprus.

Karpas represents a symbol of the bounty of vegetables and fruits. Its farthest point is Cape Apostolos Andreas Monastery which should be part of your bucket list while exploring beautiful Cyprus. The major population has been concentrated in Rizokarpaso which Cypriots call Dipkarpaz. The starting point of the region is Trikomo which alternatively called Iskele, is often referred to as a “gateway” to the peninsula.

You will find yourself in the heart of historical places such as Kantara Castle, Apostolos Andreas Monastery, recognized as a sacred site, ruins of Agia Trias Basilica at Sipahi village with its ancient mosaics dating from the 5th and 6th centuries, ancient cities of Karpasia, Aphendrika (Urania) and many more to mention.

Karpas Golden Beach ( “Altın Kumsal”) will take your breath away by its beauty and uniqueness. The beach is the primary ground for the Eastern Mediterranean turtles and is closed during the egg-laying season to protect turtle nest.

Include in to-do list visiting Karpaz Gate Marina – leading yachting port, which is the only marina in North Cyprus with the Five Gold Anchor rating.

Local farmers take advantage of this natural environment to grow a diverse variety of fruits and vegetables. The region is most famous for its delicious watermelon (“karpuz”) harvests. Do not miss the chance to taste the traditional delicious Turkish-Cypriot cuisine at the cozy restaurants while exploring the beauties of the region.

Do not forget to take a selfie with a symbol of Cyprus, Karpas donkeys which are super friendly and always are happy to get goodies from the visitors.

Wishing you a wonderful time of discovery of our beautiful island!

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