Andrew and Deborah Shevlin
David Jonathan Harvey Clarke
David Kelly & John McMurrie and Hannah McMurrie
Jamie Gibbons and Natalie Woodin
Jack / Berat,
I would just like to thank you both for your hospitality and looking after my Father and myself so well last week. The purchase of my new apartment went incredibly smoothly and without any problems and it really was a pleasure to deal with your company. 
The friendliness, helpfullness and great attitude of the staff at the resort starts at the top with you two fantastic guys.
I look forward to returning in a few weeks and spending many happy times at Ceasars Resort in the future.
Kind regards,
Barry Miller

(A58 Maximus)
We visited the TRNC for the first time in June 2008 and instantly fell in love with the people, the climate and everything else there. We decided that if any place was going to be worth investing in, the TRNC would be that place - the prices are still so affordable, everyone we came across were very friendly and helpful, and they drive on the same side as us too!!! It was towards the end of our stay that we met with Jack Afik and were shown around the Caesar Resort. The team were able to show us the "show apartments," and tell us about the special engineering designs that had been used in planning the build, (having the apartments designed so that IF there was ever a burst pipe or a flood, any water in the apartments would run towards the bathroom and down the drain rather than building up and crashing through the floor into the next apartment below!) We were very impressed and decided right there and then that we would buy. 
Since then, we arrived back in England with the "credit crunch" looming and instantly worried about what we had done regarding our commitment to buy properties through Jack. We emailed him explaining our concerns and he could not have been more helpful. We had to go back to the TRNC for another reason and arranged to meet with Jack whilst we were there. Again, Jack was incredibly caring and understanding and we talked our way through to a solution which allows us to continue with our purchases, even upgrading one of them, but with a back-up plan if needed.
Whilst we were there, we decided to call and see the project to see what had been happening since we were last there. It is amazing to see how much has been done already. The second phase had been started, the indoor pool was well on the way, gardens had been planted, walls had been built and finished, it was great. We also got the opportunity to meet with Jack's father whilst we were wondering around - obviously Jack has learned his caring nature from his father as we found him just as lovely as his son. We think that everyone should buy from the Afik group as it is very rare to come across people who are so genuine these days especially in the business sector. We have been in business ourselves for over 20 years, starting our business from scratch and have over the years come across many different types of people - the Afik family are very caring people and instil confidence into anyone who is a little nervous!
For anyone who is considering purchasing an apartment in the TRNC, we would recommend that you meet with the Afik team before you even consider anything else. We are sure, like us that you will find them the nicest people to deal with, totally honest, very genuine and extremely secure in the knowledge that all they are doing is of top class quality. The resort itself will have EVERYTHING you could ever need there, restaurants, gym, mini market, laundry, pools, and the list goes on, and with the beach only about a 3 minute walk away. Unless you are the type of person who requires their own villa and private swimming pool, then Caesar Resort is deffinately the place for you - if you do require the villa, speak to Jack anyway as we hear now that they have another building project called the "Caesar Bay". So without doubt, speaking to Jack or one of his team is deffinately worth while. We have spoken to a number of the staff and every one of them will do whatever they can to help you. If like us you are wondering if this is just because they want you to sign on the dotted line, be assured, nothing changes after you sign your contracts, everyone is just as nice, from our experience, this is a top class company and if we were to be asked by our friends and family, we would certainly tell them to buy through the Afik group!
Thank you Jack and the team - we are looking forward to many visits over the next few years!

John Taylor
Oksana Yakovleva & Nadezhda Yakovleva
Geoffrey & Brenda Locker
Alan Vincent Martin and Frances Emily Martin

Peter & Donna Foulds, Lancashire UK

My sister and I have just returned from a property viewing visit to the Caesar Resort in Iskele North Cyprus.
Although now back home for a week the whirlwind excitement of those four days has taken all of that time to digest.
Initially we had a six hour delay leaving UK which left us arriving at Salamis around three o’clock in the morning local time. Not the most social hour of the morning in those circumstances and consequently our introduction did not go as smoothly as we had hoped.
Nevertheless we did eventually get our rooms sorted and retired for a well deserved rest after a very long journey.
Next morning we bounced back and after an interesting breakfast we made our way to meet a person who can only be described as our host, entertainer, mentor, guide and defender. Roz was electric and turned out to have more energy than a turbo charged grasshopper.
She first introduced us to a guy called Peter who had made the same pilgrimage as ourselves but somewhat earlier and before long we were all bonding like a happy family. Then it was off to the site where we met Jack senior and were able to put faces to the architect, the works manager, the accountant and other staff.
We were then given a briefing and some light refreshment before venturing into the real world at last. Gone were the computerised pictures etc and now it was real buildings and Caesar dust. It takes a little while to adjust and to comprehend and marry the pictures into the reality of the site. One’s vision then becomes like an emotional roller coaster as you try to work out all the elements which you hoped were there. Moving on to the actual show apartments suddenly puts a finished face on a part of the site and gives a very good impression of the quality of build the views and how it all fits together. Given that what you see is what you get the calm neutrality of the colour schemes etc is reassuring and leaves you feeling relieved that these are decisions you will not have to make.
After a hearty lunch on site we then moved on to see the lawyer. At the end of our meeting which was both convivial and informative we felt reassured that we had made the right choice.
Our evening finished in the pretty little fishing village of Bogaz after which we took a taxi back to the hotel.
The next day was taken up with banking a visit to Esentepe golf course and Kyrenia harbour after which we had a lovely meal at a place called the Eagle’s Nest. We watched the dazzling sun go down over the hills and then it was off to the hotel after what only be described as an unforgettable experience.
Thank you Roz for a beautiful blend of business and pleasure. We will cherish the laughs and the wonderful stories with which you regaled us. You’re a star and a bright one at that.
Kindest regards,
Ken and Liz Harrison, Saintfield UK
From Cyprus 44 forum

I first came across Caesar resort while browsing online in work one day and right away I was very impressed with the development. I couldn't believe that you were able to buy your own holiday apartment in the Mediterranean for these very low prices. So within a few hours, we had contacted the agent and booked one, bearing in mind, we had never even been to Cyprus !!!! 
Looking back, if I could do it all again, I would've dealt directly with the developer Jack. Since then we have visited the site and we have absolutely no regrets. From the minute we were met onsite by Jack and his father, we were overly impressed with everything from the quality of the builds to the onsite facilities. Jack and his father were very professional in explaining every detail that we asked regarding the purchase and how the apartments would be finished. Jack is also in regular contact by email keeping us updated in anything new that happens on the site. My only problem is that I can't wait to get back out and start holidaying in it!!!
Sarah-Jane Walsh and Thomas Kirkham, Lisburn UK 

We were planning to buy a holiday apartment that would be a solid investment in emerging markets.One of the destinations we considered happened to become North Cyprus . The reason is simple. It is in our opinion still fairly priced, especially comparing to Spain, Portugal or even the southern part of Cyprus (EU member), and buying off plan has a big potential to grow a solid equity in the nearest future. It can also benefit from its unique situation and the scope for reunification. After short research we decided to purchase at the Caesar Resort in the Famagusta region. This offer attracted our attention because of the nice design, well located project and very flexible approach toward client. In fact we could negotiate the purchase conditions, making it very affordable. The whole process was very smooth and unstressfull, thanks to the dedicated sales staff. Our inspection trip only reassured us, that we made the right investment and now we are waiting for the completion to fully enjoy it.
Thank you very much,
Maciek M. and Bernard K.
Edinburgh , Scotland

Hi all, just back from three days with Jack & co. we met everyone, his mum & dad, great people easy to deal with. we had not been before so did not know what to expect, we bought a 2 bed ground, in stage 3 victorious, fell in love with the place now looking forward to revisit. stage 2 looking good and we went to see 2 of the furnished show flats. this stage should be finished soon, foundations for stage 3 also. indoor pool started, should be an awesome place when complete, our stay was made very special by the treatment we received from Jack but especially down to a lovely young person name Roz, she picked us up from the Salamis hotel, the first morning took us to site where we met the architect Berat. Roz answered all our questions and any concerns we had soon went. After we had completed the business the fun began, Roz took us to many places ,spent time with us and we had a blast, 3 days we will remember. Thanks Roz, hope to meet again soon.
Paul and Sharon Kearney, UK
From Cyprus 44 forum 

 Janice Jheeta, Kenneth Williams and the Caesar's staff  Allington family  David Maines and Joan Barlow  Alan Lewis
Janice Jheeta, Kenneth Williams and the Caesar's staff
Allington family
David Maines and Joan Barlow
Alan Lewis

A friend of mine is buying an apartment in Caesar resort, North Cyprus .  It sounded interesting, so I decided to find out more about it.  After some thought, I phoned to make some enquiries.  The lady I spoke to ( Sandy ) was very helpful and explained what was on offer.  I decided to pursue buying a 1-bedroom apartment and paid the initial reservation fee. Not wanting to buy without seeing the apartment complex for myself, I decided to make a trip to Cyprus .  Arriving at Larnaca airport, I was met by Sandy who was to be my guide.  She was very friendly and obliging.  She took me to my hotel where I was to stay for the duration of my visit.  The following day Sandy took me to the site and my apartment.  I met with the contractor and his associates, who were very friendly and portrayed a ‘family atmosphere'.  I also met with my solicitor who dealt with the legal aspects of my purchase.  She confirmed that the owners were a reputable company who had past history of successful apartment complexes.
I was very impressed with the apartment, a nice size and saw a finished plan of the site.  When the site is completed, it will be a very impressive, self-contained little village with all the necessary amenities.I really enjoyed my visit to Cyprus and I am satisfied in my own mind that I have made a sound investment.
Terry Woolcock, Neath UK

We are very pleased with the site and Andrew is pleased with the finished walls. He is a decorator so he likes good walls. We have told our relative David that the kitchens are good. He is a kitchen maker, so standards are good in show house.
Andrew and Deborah Shevlin, UK
I visited the Caesar Resort on the 30th July 2008 and had to say I was pleasantly surprised, not only by the developments being made, but also by the enthusiasm of the Manager/Architect onsite! 
First phase structure externally is well on the way and there is still a way to go on the exteriors. As promised the planned interiors are of high spec and no expense has been spared on the finishing. I discussed white goods and air conditioning with Jack and compared to other developments such as Med View they are well priced. 
All in all I feel a good choice, quite near to the beach, but also look to have excellent facilities. 
Andrew Ralphs, Romford UK

As we drove up to Caesar’s Resort development we didn’t need the glossy brochure with the 3D pictures that I held in my hand anymore, as what lay ahead was not only real but just as good. Jack took time out and showed us around the whole development. He explained in detail about the project and materials being used. You can tell he has in depth knowledge and a vision to match! Phase 1 is really taking shape, in fact the indoor swimming pool foundations were taking shape. You could see hard work being carried out as Jack took us around the show apartments. The finished apartments look very stylish indeed. Jack asked our opinion on a sample front door for the apartments and we have to say, the door looked very good and was made of quality materials. We are so impressed not only with the development but also with Jack and his team’s commitment to this project that we have upgraded our apartment. We feel that this is a special development offering real value for money! We are so looking forward to our next visit. 
Rachel Woolfson and Roger Paul Woolfson, UK

Finally managed to visit TRNC for the first time in October after a purchasing a one bed apartment at off plan. We emailed Roz in advance of our departure and made arrangements to visit the site. Having checked into our hotel and hired a car we decided to make an impromptu visit to the site ahead of our appointment. Everyone, was so friendly, relaxed and helpful. Jack has grown up in the building trade under the direction of his father. Both father and son are very experienced in the construction industry and that experience is reflected in the standard of the build. High quality materials, high quality finish and lots of thought put into the site design. Jack is easy to deal with and has a common sense, flexible approach to business. Caesar Resort is well positioned, offers affordable apartments of high standard and most importantly apartments are purchased in Sterling - this is an important consideration when purchasing abroad as exchange rate fluctuation can add thousands of pounds to a purchase. Confirmation of the quality of construction was reiterated by all local estate agents that we talked to. The icing on the cake is that the people are warm and friendly, the sun shines all year and the golf course in Kyrinya is fantastic. 
A big thank you to Jack & family, Roz and all the team. 


Jan & Ken Maidstone Kent
We have just returned from a flying visit to Caesar Resort, our first visit to be exact. In fact our first visit to North Cyprus. We went to take a look at the investment we made nearly two years ago, collect the keys, and complete the snagging list. We had a grreat time and can’t wait to get back out there. 
We where not disappointed as Roz and Tark where great; answering all our questions and providing much welcomed guidance. The apartment was most impressive, well finished, with great views front and back,and in a fabulous location. Everywhere we went the people were friendly and helpful, making us feel most welcome.During our short visit we were able to organise a white goods package and Air-Con through Roz.We also managed to get over to see some furnishing showrooms and met some really helpful people, who I believe are familiar with the development.The snagging was a new experience to us both but, with some assistance from the team, we looked high and low throughout the apartment.We were only able to find a few minor snags which we were very pleased about. The finish, to my untrained eye, looked first class and if the shared facilities are to the same standard, we will be delighted.Caesar Resort, I believe, is going to be a high quality development with unrivalled facilities. I am sure the resort is going to be credit to the team involved in bringing the vision to reality.Both Chris and I are really looking forward to getting back, in May, to what will be a furnished flat, enjoy the facilities, and see some of the many wonderful sights the area has to offer.
Many thanks to you all once again and we look forward to see you all in May.
Chris VeatsUk